Anchor Text: Mix it Up

by Small Business Planned

Wait a second. It looks like the playing field has changed. In my previous article about the importance of anchor text I recommended using the same anchor text consistently across all your articles and directory posts. I said that over time this would show Google that you are the authority for a given keyword phrase. Well, now Google aren’t fans of this arrangement. You need to mix up your anchor text.

Anchor Text is Best Mixed Up

Anchor Text is Best Mixed Up

According to SEOWIZZ, it turns out this is now bad anchor text advice. Google have changed their algorithm to combat spammers, and anchor text was in their firing line. Tim Grice comments:

“The research clearly shows, in terms of ranking, building a strong domain is far more important than anchor text.”

Google are on a mission to make their search engine as human as possible, all the while trying to reduce the prominence of sites that try and ‘game’ the system at the expense of quality.

From Google’s point of view, it would be abnormal for a site to be constantly receiving the same anchor text linking in. There are millions of words in the English language and to think that different people are using the same phrase all the time to link to your site is probably stretching it. Google have therefore reduced the emphasis on links that are using the same anchor text phrase. They are still worth Google juice, just not as much.

So How Should We Use Anchor Text?

To get value from your anchor text, you need to mix it up. So rather than using the anchor text ‘Brisbane Valet’. Mix it up with similar text such as ‘Valet of Brisbane’ or ‘Brisbane’s Valet Service’. Choose four or so phrases and alternate using each one. This will make your links look more natural to Google and will therefore carry more influence.

It’s also a good idea to have back links to various pages of your website – rather than just to your home page. This shows Google that your website has depth.

Growing your small business,

David Moloney
Small Business Planned


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12 thoughts on “Anchor Text: Mix it Up

  1. Tom McEwin

    Thanks for the heads up David – it pays to keep up to date. I’m always a bit disappointed when I see a great domain name high in search rankings which adds so little value when I visit it. Makes me bounce right out of there.

    A rule of thumb I’ve been running with for quite a while now is to try and make my content valuable enough for people to use, comment on and/or return to.

  2. Cade

    Hi David,
    Google is definately sending a clear message for website owners.
    Keep your website as natural as possible…

    Anchor text is no different, smart use of latent semantic words is a very wise and natural strategy, and one that I think google will always endorse.

    I agree with Tom, adding valuable content is also a great tactic.
    .-= Cade´s last blog ..Learn How To Blog – “Sneak Peak” Review =-.

  3. David Moloney

    Thanks guys. Yes, Google sets the rules for the playground. And if we want to go play with the popular kids we need to understand what’s expected and what’s frowned upon. Anchor text is just one of the many variables Google can play with to make their search ‘more human’

  4. Dobbs Franks


    Thanks so much for this. It certainly is a full time job to keep up with what Google feels we should be doing. All the help I can get I will take and I am very grateful for your advice, which I will follow avidly.

    Thanks again.

    .-= Dobbs Franks´s last blog ..Bathroom =-.


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