You Need to CCleaner Your Computer

by Small Business Planned

No it’s not a typo. There’s a program called CCleaner. It’s free to download and it will spring clean your computer in a jiffy to free up disc space and make it run faster. Yippee. It’s also one of the applications in my recommended downloads section, so I vouch for it.

What is CCleaner?

Firstly, let’s get over the double ‘c’ in the name. It effectively means c: – cleaner. So in other words it’s designed to clean the hard drive of your computer. But fear not, it’s pretty smart. It won’t go scrounging around your folders and chuck out your precious documents or images willy nilly. Instead, it’s designed to seek and destroy temporary system file footprints that pretty much just take up space and slow down your computer.

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CCleaner Mops up Unnecessary Files to Free up Disc Space

In short, CCleaner gives you the option to delete:

  • temporary files
  • broken shortcuts
  • browsing history
  • temporary internet downloads

How often you run it is up to you. I’m a fan of running it weekly, but there’s no hard and fast rule.

Preview of CCleaner in Action

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Where Do I Download Me Some CCleaner?

CCleaner is made by a company called Piriform. It’s also only a couple of megabytes in size, so doesn’t weight down your system with its presence. It’s primarily built for PCs, however there is a preliminary Mac version.

Download CCleaner

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15 thoughts on “You Need to CCleaner Your Computer

  1. Lisa Wood

    Its funny – but I did think that it was a spelling issue! Then when I started to read what C Cleaner was all about, i realised that it was a program that is good for the computer :)

    Sounds very handy!


  2. Harry Lynn

    G’day David,
    Thanks for this great bit of gear mate ! Downloaded it and gave it a run and got back 14.4 MB of space. I do Disk Cleanup and Registry Cleaner twice a week and was amazed to see such a good result, so thanks again, mate !
    Harry @toddenglishcookware, @toddenglish, @toddenglishrestaurants

  3. Eileen

    Hi David,

    I had forgotten about this product. It has been around a long time and it is great that you draw it to the attention of the public as well as explaining what the double C stands for. I didn’t know that.

    Here’s to your business success!


  4. Cade

    Hi David,
    Nice review of CCleaner, its certainly is a great piece of software.
    I really like how it analyzes and can free space on my computer so quickly.

    Its got my vote, slow computers are so annoying.


  5. Becca

    I used CCleaner in my old computer but not in my new laptop.I guess its time to install
    to be more efficient my new laptop. thanks for the heads up!

  6. Daniel

    I am not a big fan of such software, but I will give it a try. I have installed Windows XP in my desktop three years ago and it is getting really slow. All the hard drives are almos full. I have this hobbie of writing music, and for months I have not been able to write anything because the disk is full.

    Thank you for sharing, I just hope this program does not have any adware or spyware.

  7. Madelyn

    My computer is really old, and it probably has over thousands of files that were never really deleted. Do you think it would be a good idea to use the Wipe Free Space option?


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