What is a Gravatar Avatar?

by Small Business Planned

If you run a blog, or visit other blogs you’re bound to come across comments that users post after articles. This social interaction is to be encouraged, as it strengthens relationships with readers and rewards popular sites with more Google juice. You’ve probably noticed little pictures beside these comments. These pictures are called avatars. They give readers a quick visual preview into who you are, which is great for your brand personality. Read on to see how you can take this to the next level and reap the benefits of a Gravatar avatar.

A Gravatar Makes Your Comments and Persona More Attractive

A Gravatar Makes Your Comments and Persona More Attractive

If you do not use an avatar for your comments, you’re just another schmuck that’s shot off a comment under an article. It pays to step out from the crowd and put your best foot forward. Think of comments like a dating site. You’re more likely to get attention if you make the effort to show a picture.

Normally, for your avatar to appear, you’d have to separately register it with each individual site. This takes a lot of time and effort, making me what to push the ‘who could be bothered’ button. Fortunately there is a solution.

A Gravatar is the New Avatar

Move over James Cameron, the Gravatar is king. The Gravatar makes your traditional avatar portable across the Internet. And it’s all good news. Your Gravatar avatar:

  • takes minutes to setup
  • is set and forget. Once it’s setup, you don’t have to do anything else
  • is free
  • is instantly recognisable across millions of sites worldwide

How to Create a Gravatar

Sign up for an account with Gravatar. Then simply upload your Gravatar avatar image and attach it to the email address(es) of your choice. The next time you comment on a Gravatar enabled site (there are millions of them) and enter your linked email address, your Gravatar will instantly appear. Presto.

Sean Rasmussen’s recorded a great video on how to sign up for a Gravatar. Check it out below:

YouTube Preview Image

The universal Gravatar works by connecting your Gravatar with your email account. Once you record your email address with a comment, the Gravatar system will automatically fetch your uploaded image and display it instantly.

And Don’t Worry About Gravatar Spam

The Gravatar system protects the email addresses you enter on wesbites. This prevents those nasty spammers from harvesting your email address and offering you pharmacy discounts.

Stay tuned for tips on choosing a great Gravatar avatar.

Growing your small business,

David Moloney
Small Business Planned


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10 thoughts on “What is a Gravatar Avatar?

  1. Jan Littlehales

    Hi David, I got myself a Gravatar Avatar quite a while ago and use it where ever I go on the web. I was concerned just a couple of weeks ago when my avatar didn’t appear – the I realised I was using a different email than the one registered with Gravatar. So I just went into Gravatar again and registered this other email for the same avatar – easy. Highly recommend everybody uses one.
    Thanks for another useful post.
    .-= Jan Littlehales´s last blog ..Slow Cooking Chicken Cacciatore – in 10 minutes =-.

  2. Jo Carey-Bradshaw

    Hi David,

    Once again your post is really relevant for me. I really like Gravatar and all that it does, and have found it to be efficient and without glitch ever since I have used it. I did, however, make a slight error when I submitted a photo there recently, and you may still see the results with this comments – if it is read early enough.

    I used a little program to resize my current photo, before I entered it onto Gravatar. Now that I have read your notes about image sizes, I understand better how the resolution is so poor. It’s on my list of to-do’s for today, and that is one of the great beauties of Gravatar. As soon as I change the photo there, ALL of the places that my photo is on All over the ‘net will then show my new (beautiful!) updated version :).

    Ahhh, the magic of technology! Again, thanks for this post, and the apt reminder.
    .-= Jo Carey-Bradshaw´s last blog ..Empowering Mindset – Truly Amazing Power =-.

  3. David Moloney

    Thanks Jayne, yes since your Gravatar avatar is representative of you and your values/beliefs, it’s a good idea to ensure it’s reflective of who you want to attract

    Hi Jan, I’ve had that problems too. Being able to register the same Gravatar avatar under multiple email addresses is definitely a great benefit

    Cheers Harry. Good to know you’re enjoying my writing style.

    Good luck on the new Avatar Jo. Look forward to seeing it shine soon.

  4. Brand Police

    Hi David,

    Enjoyed reading your blog lately and your posts on Flying Solo, I think we have a similar take on business.

    Gravatars must be the theme of the moment, I actually blogged on the same thing the day before you posted this. Just curious if my blog post inspired this one (which is fine with me), or we are really thinking that alike!

    Hope you don’t mind me dropping a link, but my post on the topic is here if anyone is interested:
    Gravatars and SEO

    .-= Brand Police´s last blog ..Railway Sleepers Sydney – A case study in SEO =-.


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